SUNDAY, 12/4/2011-To “BE,” Use the Power of Three Workshop from 10:30 AM – 1:45 PM

Let your body move and flow, let your spirit soar and shine, and let your mind be filled with peace.

Body – Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 10:30-11:30 AM

Find your center using Vinyasa Flow Yoga, linking Yoga poses with breath.   Meet the mat honoring your body wherever you’re at. We will start with some gentle Yoga and build it up to the level you want to take it to.  We will work the core, generating feelings of empowerment in your center and your life.  Be good to yourself; take the time to be present and simply just to be.  Facilitated by:  Beth A. Miller, RYT 200

Spirit – Let Your Yoga Dance – 11:45-12:45 PM

Yoga Dance is fun, energetic and gentle, combining yoga, movement, breath and chakras (energy centers). It’s healing and joyful for your entire body, mind and spirit. In Yoga Dance we’ll move our bodies to world music helping to tone muscles, build flexibility, endurance and cardio fitness. It’s a practice literally anyone can do. Come and laugh, dance, sing, and let yourself be a kid again. And, no worries, the great thing is you don’t need to know anything about yoga or dance to enjoy this class, it’s all about being who you are and just listening to your body and having fun.  Facilitated by:  Anita Odekirk-Kraus, Certified Let Your Yoga Dance® Instructor   Website:

Mind – Meditation – 1:00-1:45 PM

Allow yourself to ease into a place of comfort and rest.  Empty your mind and body of worry and stress and just enjoy a beautiful, guided visual imagery meditation practice.  We will offer a brief China Gel neck massage, warm rice packs and essential oils to deepen your sense of relaxation and joy.  No experience is needed.  You can bring a pillow or blanket to enhance your comfort.  Complete your experience of just “being” by breathing deeply, using your imagination and allowing your body to restore its natural state of ease and balance.  Facilitated by:  Jennifer Martin, E-RYT200


$27.00 for series or $12.00 Individual Class by Nov 27, 2011


$36.00 for series or $15.00 Individual Class after Nov 27, 2011

Snacks and refreshments available between classes!

THURSDAY, 10/27/2011–Discovering Your Authentic Self Workshop from 7-9PM

We come here knowing the Truth.  The truth about who we are and where we come from.  We live it.  We breathe it.  We are it and it is us.  This is our reality.  It is a truth that we have long since forgotten because little by little it has been buried inside.  Slowly the truth of our authentic self becomes a faint memory as we begin to integrate into the world around us and we are molded into acceptable members of family and society.  We must eliminate the outdated and unwelcome burdens and untruths we hold so that we may excavate our wisdom within.  Deep insight and powerful transformations may occur.

Cost to attend this insightful workshop led by Krysti Turznik, Certified Hypnotist is $25.00.  If you register and pay for this workshop and the Past Life Regression workshop on October 20th, you will receive a $5.00 discount.  If you attended the Introductory “Have Fun With Hypnosis” workshop, you may also use your $5.00 coupon on this event.

SATURDAY, 10/29/2011–Weight Loss Workshop from 9:30-11:30 AM (Small Studio)

Can You Think Yourself Thin? You bet! Hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off! Through the use of hypnosis, you’ll learn many things about yourself…and once you gain this awareness, you empower yourself. You will understand your reasons for your self-sabotage (the reasons your subconscious mind needs to be over-weight), and the positive reasons it has been keeping you this way. If you have been overweight for some time, your subconscious mind may have a body image, shape, or weight that it’s holding on to. You can change this into a new body image that’s acceptable to you, and the weight will be easier to keep off.

The inner work you do with hypnosis will have a tremendous impact upon your life. You will begin to see life differently, and make healthier and more beneficial decisions. So when will you stop TRYING to lose weight? Now is the time to:

  • REACH your goals! Discover and RELEASE your unconscious need to be overweight
  • Tweak your internal settings that control your body’s set points so that you can EASILY SHED those unwanted pounds
  • Find the energy and motivation to WANT to become more physically active
  • Learn how SATISFYING it is to live a healthier and happier life.

Cost to attend is $100 for 5 weeks of classes. If you bring a friend, you each get $5.00 off. You may also use the $5.00 coupon if you attended the Have Fun With Hypnosis workshop, bringing your total cost down to $90.00. Check with your Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account plans to see if you can get reimbursed with pre-tax dollars from your account for attending this program. (Dates of class: 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/5 and 11/12).

Anita Odekirk-Kraus

Certified Let Your Yoga Dance® Instructor

Anita received her training at Kripalu from Megha Nancy Buttenheim, the founder and creator of Let Your Yoga Dance®.  Anita fell in love with YogaDance when she attended her very first class while staying at Kripalu.  She loved the joy and freedom it offered her to just be herself.  YogaDance allowed her to be as energetic or gentle in her movements as she wished, and the safe space in which it was held, gave her the permission to let go of anything that wasn’t serving her spirit, and embrace all the goodness life has to offer.  She knew from that first experience that she needed to share the joy, fun, and freedom it offered with everyone.

Anita enjoys teaching classes throughout southeasternWisconsinand continues to enhance her knowledge and love of dance and movement by practicing yoga on a regular basis and participating in Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms classes, JourneyDance, Ecstatic Dance, and Nia.

Anita’s hope is that through the dance we can all realize the true beauty that resides in each of us and come to know the wonderful spirit that we are.

Anita resides inKewaskum,WI, where when she’s not doing YogaDance, she enjoys biking, walking, kayaking, reading, drumming, and kirtan.


SATURDAY, 10/29/2011 – “Moving Beyond Your Limitations” Yoga & Yoga Nidra with Bernie Rosen from 1-4:30 PM


Based upon positive feedback and demand, Bernie Rosen will be returning to The Soul Source to provide a YOGA CLASS and a workshop on Yoga Nidra. You may attend one or both parts of this workshop.

Bernie is a E-RYT500 with over 5000 hours of teaching–it is the highest level you can received from Yoga Alliance. He will be teaching a yoga class from 1-2:30 on how to move beyond your limitations in your practice. This is a very special class and will fill up quickly. This workshop will be $30.00 at the door or $25.00 if you pay in advance.

The second portion of the workshop will delve into further relaxation techniques and it will last from approximately 3:00-4:30.

The process of de-stressing and relaxing can be a challenging and elusive pursuit for many people. We have a million things running through our head–responsibilities at work, at home, with kids and parents, and our bodies often physically manifest these worries and responsibilities in tension and dis-ease. To help empty your body and mind of everything and restore peace and health within, yogis created a specific form of conscious relaxation called Yoga Nidra. This is a guided meditation through specific body parts and it lasts approximately 1.50 hours. The cost of this part of the workshop is $25.00 at the door or $20.00 in advance.

If you wish to attend both portions of the workshop with Bernie and can pay in advance, it will be $45.00.

Leola Sutter, RYT

Leola Sutter C.Ac,. MSOM, BS Nutrition, DIPL. AC. NCCAOM earned her degrees at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine WI. A Wisconsin certified acupuncturist, Leola has over 7 years of practical experience in various styles of massage and holds certifications in forms of Tai Chi Qi Gong and Qi Gong healing practices through Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen.) She also completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification through YogAsylum in Feb 2011 and is now a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.  Leola teaches Qi Gong and Yoga at The Soul Source and will be leading Community Acupuncture workshops once a week in order to offer people affordable solutions for preventative health care.

Beth Miller, RYT

Beth A. Miller has been practicing Yoga for just over 10 years.  She completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training on February 16, 2011.

Beth has also been teaching Pilates for over 6 years and completed her certificate with SCW Fitness Education in October, 2004. The body/mind/breath approach of both Yoga and Pilates have been so beneficial to her, she wants to share this passion with all her
students.  She believes the core concepts in Pilates can be used in doing
Yoga and throughout your life.

Beth and her husband, Jeff, have been raising their two children in Allenton and enjoying the beauty of life in the country.  Beth has also been working on another passion, the Master Naturalist Program at Riveredge Nature Center.  She will complete the year long program in May of 2011.

Yoga has helped Beth to find balance in a busy life.




Julie Bartel, RYT

Julie Bartel
25 years

I was first introduced to Eastern philosophy and bodywork while stationed on a Marine Corps base in Okinawa, Japan during the 1980’s. It wasn’t until my busy career as a corporate nurse educator began to take its toll emotionally and physically that I returned to the mat, in 2000. Having worn many uniforms, I discovered that my own peace could not be found wearing combat boots, and that my own health could not be found dispensing medication.
Initially drawn to yoga as a method of relaxation, I found something deeper, more meaningful, and profoundly life altering. What began, for me, as a physical practice of postures, started to manifest as more compassionate, mindful lifestyle choices off the mat.
I believe that the peace and clarity we experience through yoga has a positive effect on those we interact with each day. After a decade of consistent practice, I made the decision to take it to a new level by becoming a certified yoga teacher.
My goal is to create an open and comfortable class environment that introduces access to the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga for everyone. As a mother of four young daughters, I understand the challenges of establishing a daily yoga practice. Join me on the mat whenever you can.